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Victor Bailey (1960-2016),  fait parti des artistes qui malheureusement nous ont quittés durant l’année 2016. Grand bassiste, il fut en autre le successeur de Jaco Pastorius au sein de la formation Weather Report en 1982. Avec le batteur Omar Hakim, il représenta un élément essentiel rythmiquement pour le phénomène musical jazz et jazz-rock.


Victor Bailey (1960-2016), is one of the artists who unfortunately left us during the year 2016. Great bassist,  He was the successor of Jaco Pastorius  in the Weather Report group in 1982. With drummer Omar Hakim,  It represented an essential element rhythmically for the phenomenon musical jazz and jazz-rock.



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 The Jocelyn Page Electric Dedication-(” remastered)- the failed man video                     




Key of the secret door. Jocelyn Page electric dedication.

Sortie repoussée: septembre 2017 //   Planned distribution : 2017

  In the time running (main title/ titre principal)

   The failed man

The mediator                           

This is mine

 The player

 Well come on folks!                                                        The wise observer (with the Stö Orchestra & the Rosebell choral)



Jocelyn Page & the Family Experience & the Electric Dedication credit:

Electric “ Fender” guitars & acoustic 12 strings guitars: Michael J.Melrose

Electric Jazz bass & acoustic bass& stick bass: Don Meredit

Percussions: Ruth Jenkins

Drums & electronic drums: Shally Yakus

Vocals: Lisa Wellcomb & Priscilla E.Jones& Barbara Ross

Male voices : Joe «  Cherokee » & Buddy Lewis

Trumpet: Terry Jenkins :

Trombones: Walt Jenkins :

Saxes & ethnic flute: Ali Shan :

Jocelyn Pages: composer, producer, keyboards, tape effects.

& the Stö Orchestra & the Rosebell choral.

Orchestrator director: Samuel Aders.


All titles composed, arranged and produced by jocelyn Page

Sirius-neeting records & Rosebell publishing. All right reserved by the authors.

Management: Nicetone-Neeting