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Wizröz/ Joce      lyn Page & the family experience.

Sortie prévue : septembre 2017§ Planned publication in september 2017

 The liberty city   

                             Love N’ roll


 The promises                                        A sensual affair( with Lisa W.)                                                                


 A prophecy of a dreamer



Jocelyn Page & the Family Experience & the Electric Dedication credit:

Electric “ Fender” guitars & acoustic 12 strings guitars: Michael J.Melrose

Electric Jazz bass & acoustic bass& stick bass: Don Meredit

Percussions: Ruth Jenkins

Drums & electronic drums: Shally Yakus

Vocals: Lisa Wellcomb & Priscilla E.Jones& Barbara Ross

Male voices : Joe «  Cherokee » & Buddy Lewis

Trumpet: Terry Jenkins :

Trombones: Walt Jenkins :

Saxes & ethnic flute: Ali Shan :

Jocelyn Pages: composer, producer, keyboards, tape effects.

& the Stö Orchestra & the Rosebell choral.

Orchestrator director: Samuel Aders.


All titles composed, arranged and produced by jocelyn Page

Sirius-neeting records & Rosebell publishing. All right reserved by the authors.

Management: Nicetone-Neeting


Next album “ the hidden sessions” ( spring 2018)