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Digital versions, in accordance with the culture of alternative distribution are free streaming with agreement of the authors.

The Digipacks versions are on sale at each record store - first releases November 2017- (average price:

Les versions numériques, conformément à la culture de la distribution alternative sont en streaming gratuit avec accord des auteurs.

Durée moyenne d’écoute des albums :35 minutes.§§ Average duration of listening: 35 minutes


Wizröz -2017- ref :ns-sir555        

 Keys of the secret door -2017- ref:ns-sir888  § Niiltaahk -2014- ref:ns-sir777  ger                  

 Xoraz -2014- ref: ns-sir7772                        


Trisölogia -2013- ref: ns-sir999                

 The esoteric architect  2013  ref: ns-sir 1138      

Un bout de rêve qui s’envole 2006. Ref : ns-sir 1139   

 Absolutely more freely. 2006   Ref:ns-sir 1141      


Alice In/Alice out 2003  ref: TT001

 The mysterious wanderer  1998  ref:swm-030    

 Nude( Xtrax 1996 )  ref:swm-020                                               




 Loveland  1992    ref: swm-01                                                  









Sirius-Neeting records  copyright 2021.     All right reserved by the authors./

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