Albums 2021 – soon available / bientôt disponible)


After several months of delay, the albums 2021 of the collection Who What will be soon available in version videos in the section ' Jocelyn Page' & in streaming in the section ' sirius-neeting & nicetone-neeting streaming'. An interview of composer Jocelyn Page will also be distributed the weeks according to the publication.    

See you later...   

Janice Cooper; director communication.   


Nach mehreren Monaten Aufschub, die Alben 2021 der Sammlung Der das, was bald in Version-Videos im Teil verfügbar sein wird, ' Jocelyn Page' & im Strömen im Teil ' sirius-neeting & nicetone-neeting-streaming'. Ein Interview von Komponisten Jocelyn Page wird auch die Wochen der Veröffentlichung zufolge verteilt werden.      

Sehen Sie Sie später...     

Janice Cooper; Direktor-Kommunikation.     


Après plusieurs mois de retard, les albums 2021 de la collection Who What seront bientôt disponibles en version vidéos dans la section 'Jocelyn Page' & en streaming dans la section 'sirius-neeting & nicetone-neeting streaming'. Une interview du compositeur Jocelyn Page sera également diffusée les semaines suivant la publication.  

À bientôt... 

Janice Cooper; directrice communication. 

Who what 1: children of the mountains lake

 Who what 2: day of the red sun

 who what 3: the dance of the rising moon


**Musicians credit Who What:

1.      Denzey ORWELL : electric guitar

2.      Jennifer TRACY HENDERWOOD : percussion

3.      Gary HANK : tenor sax

4.      Pamela DOUGLAS : percussion

5.      Shukie : cello

6.      Clarence BUCKANAN : tenor trombone

7.      Carl DIETERMANN : double bass

8.      Alice FERNELL OSNEY : percussion

9.      Jermaine GREY : alto flute

10. Bruce McNEILL : cello

11. Judith EMERSON : church organ

12. Carpm STARKEY : percussion

13. Kimberley ALSCOTT : cello

14. Omar HANSLEE: double bass

15. Jeffrey SURRELLO : trumpet

16. Linda HARRISON : flute

17. Brenda HARRISON : French horn

18. Cassie PERKINS : percussion

19. Robert Jones STAPLEFORD : clarinet Bb

20. Sal COMWELL ASHLEY : oboe

21. Paddy CARLDWELL : ethnic flutes

22. Catherine RPSSMANN : copyste

23. Larry DENIECE ! trombone & tuba

24. Carla Janice RHOMASON : Oboe


Akif Ali Yilma: Luth


Bekta Bellul Kara : Luth


Alexane Papadopoulos : Cymbalum, Bouzouki.


Faiza Mirza : Sarod, Pungi, harmonium.


Bun’ichiro Nakamura: Koto, Chinobue 


Ahiko Sasaki: Shamisen, Kokyu


Kiziah Kikongo: Ostsuzumi, Taïko


Jawaad Mavounzy: Tablas


Aditya Bismillah: Vînâ


Mahesh Narayana Dasu: Sitar


Ousma Halimba: Mandingue flute, piccolo African flute & Peule flute

Shally Yakus: Drums & electronic drums

Don Meredith: stick bass, electric bass & acoustic bass

Michaël L. Melrose: electric fender guitars, 12 strings guitars

Douglas May: guitars

Peter Wilburn: electric bass

Ruth Jenkins: percussions

Terry Jenkins : trumpet

Walt Jenkins: trombone

Jocelyn Page: composer, orchestrator, keyboards & tape effects

Kitty Mosley: vocals & voices

Guests The Stö orchestra. Master director: Sam Aders

Ensemble des cordes – strings ensemble)


1.    Nataly Weston 

2.    Paul Chatkins

3.    Bruce Clemence

4.    Daryl L. Lyodd

5.    Thomas Watson

6.    Ruth Kates


Alto – viola)

1.    Elisabeth Ford

2.    Betty Hendryx

3.    Cecila Blanc

4.    Arthur Wesl



Violoncelle ( cello)

1.    Charles Kruger

2.    Susan H.Hunt

3.    Loïs Elwyn

4.    Hack Kent


 ( Bass fiddle ( contrebasse))

1.    Cary Watts

2.    John Addams




All titles composed, orchestrated & produced by Jocelyn Page

Producer: Jocelyn Page & Nina Moonlove Stevens

Co-producer: Miss Shally Yakus

Sound engineer: Ruth Jenkins & Jocelyn Page

Assistant engineer: Marc Selmatt

Mastering engineer:

Cover designer: Janice Cooper & Jocelyn Page

Recording studio: la petite Marquise

Mastering studio: Rosebell factory

Managers:Jerry & Julia Anderson

Nicetone-neeting management & Sirius-neeting records 2021






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